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Friday, January 30, 2009

Zuiko and Panorama Panning

I was playing with the Autostitch software, when the idea of doing a panorama of a continuous panning shots caught me.

Simply put, a sequence of 8 images of a go-kart moving along the track.

Please click the image to see the full 8-kart sequence.

The whole sequence was originally 12 shots, but the last 4 shots could not be stitched because of the gaps that were too big. Alas, the E-30 could only conjure up to 5 frames-per-second sequence. A fast D-SLR such as the Canon 1D mark 3 should be able to cope with its 10 frames-per-second speed.
Below is the original stitched image. It shows the panning line.

What I like from this image is that it shows dynamism of the sport. I will have to find other sports or events that can give similar effect some other time.

Boy, it's so cool!!

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