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Saturday, January 10, 2009

E-30 and ART Filter: GRAINY FILM

Grainy Film... Kodak TRI-X anyone?

The idea to reproduce something similar in a DSLR was great! I loved it!

Gritty, high contrast, noisy... the perfect recipe for capturing the soul of an image.

What's there left? There's no color, only black & white.

So what were the added dimension required to make the image whole? The human condition and a touch of retrospect, I would say. Simply, a majority of my Grainy Film images were related to the human condition. Raw edge, emotive and gritty.

I was in the LRT, with the 14-54mk2 lens. By using the Live View, I entered a realm where people were at ease. Imagine pointing the lens while squinting into the Optical View Finder.. there would be some reaction. We are humans after all!

Compared to the color image below, there was less impact.

The intention of this filter, as explained by Olympus: "This effect recreates the rich, grainy look and tonality evoked by monochrome pictures, giving images a dramatic feel."

Please click on image for larger view.
Comparison of Grainy film with normal setting.

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