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Saturday, January 10, 2009

E-30 and ART Filter: PIN HOLE

Pin Hole... this effect was quite common for my post processed shots. If you browse my Flickrpages, you could see how much I liked this effect.

This filter could be described as adding strong vignets to the four sides of the frame, with higher contrast and darker colors. Kind of myopic view, in my opinion.

Olympus wanted to recreate a sort of LOMO effect, kind of toyish. "This unique colour tone reproduces the peripheral vignetting and unique colour tone of photos taken with a toy camera."

The difference with my usual post processing was I did not really change the color tones; in this instance, the ART filter did some changes. The images looked a bit cheap.

It's kind of ironic, since I used the Super High-Grade ED35-100mm F2.0 PRO lens to capture this image. Why pay so much to get something so cheap? Haha... silly indeed.

A rather bland original picture without the peripheral effect.

To conclude for all 6 ART Filters; there's one thing for sure, E-30 definitely adds a new dimension to my shooting style to supplement my current E-3. I have been confidently shoot JPEG most of the time. The E-3 has an excellent Auto White Balance system, and I seldom have problem with the color tones; thus, I hardly play with colors in post-process. The E-30 is no less either.

In other words, the E-30 has put more joy to my photography. It has made cameras more fun and easier to use!

And that what matters to me.

Please click on image for larger view.
Comparison of PIN HOLE with normal setting.

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