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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Zuiko and the Fly

The fly, or lalat in Malay. An irritating little creature.

I found this fly, sort of docile, on the front gate. It was not afraid of my lens just mere centimeters away. Great!!

It was cloudy, and I quickly attached the EC-14 teleconverter to the Zuiko Digital ED50mm F2.0 MACRO lens. This combination had quickly transformed the lens to a 1:1.4 macro. Postprocessing, I cropped this image another 1.4x to make it a 1:1 magnification. And this was with the 4/3 format. If I was using a Full Frame camera, the macro is similar to 2:1 magnification.

The greatest challenge was to get enough depth of field. As I was shooting handheld, a mere movement will move the focal plane out of focus with the fly. It was tough, but luckily the E-3 had a handy MF mode combination.

Focusing mode was MF with the S-AF single activated using the AEL/AFL button. I spotted the focus, and triggered the shutter. There were many shots and this shot was the one I was looking for.

It was not easy, with the low light. Imagine EV8 outdoors. Just for comparison, EV15 is F/16 rule. Now, that really was a cloudy day!

E-3, 50mm F2.0 Macro with EC-14
A-priority, 70mm, F3.5, 1/125s, ISO800

A strong boost in color saturation, with vignetting added character to the image.

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