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Monday, February 28, 2011

i.Zuiko and a Video


I am not much of a videographer... well, since the XZ-1 sports an HD video camera, here's a shot of a recent lion dance at the office.

The XZ-1 supports 720p resolution with Motion JPEG format. The lens zoom and tracking focus worked well during video shoot, and I was very pleased with the results.

Quite an interesting show, especially when the lion started to jump on top of the stilts.

Till next year...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

i.Zuiko and Photography Class

A kitten was lying on the pebbles, and I just took the shot with the fast XZ-1 lens

I recently conducted a short beginners class for 5 students. It's simple and direct approach to photography, with emphasis on key skills to create beautiful images.

My class is a half day morning event targeted for 4-6 students at RM50/pax. Location is outdoors, most probably at Shah Alam lake gardens. If interested for any class, as I can cater as much topics as possible, please contact me at 012-2040883.

A beautiful banana flowerette with smooth bokeh rendition
24mm, f/8, 1/160s, iso200, +0.3ev

This was a DSLR course, but as the teacher, I opted to use my Olympus XZ-1 as the tool of instruction. Though it's not a DSLR, it has all the key features for a basic beginner's DSLR with kit lens. Even the lens depth-of-field effect is achievable with the XZ-1. That's good enough for the class. Also, for me to lug around a full size E-5 with the Zuiko Digital ED14-35mm F2.0 lens will be tiring as I have to chase around the field with my students scattered like little lambs.

The monotones are just nice to accentuate the telephoto landscape effect

Just focus on a few rules to create great images:
  • Look for the tones (check in black & white)
  • Capture sharp images (in correct focus)
  • Set the subject off-center with the Rule of Thirds
  • Try to grab the story and emotion

Till next time...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iZuiko and a Lion Dance


Dancing on stilts
14.1mm (33mm equiv.), f/3.2, 1/160s, iso100, -0.3ev

Well, we are still in the Chinese New Year period, and all around Klang Valley we can see the Lion Dance troupes zipping through traffic with their open-top lorries and the dancers sitting inside with the lion attires and drums. Lion dance galore.

Warming up for the main event!

When I went to have lunch today, little I had expected a performance near the cafe that I always patron. Luckily, the XZ-1 was with me! Great!!! Got my order in, and waited for the show to begin.


What got me interested was this time around, the Lion Dance did a few jumps on elevated stilts. It's not often you see them do this for such a small crowd. Well, it was about time I tested the speed of the XZ-1 to capture action shots. Somehow, oddly enough, I opted for single-frame shooting. But, it worked!

Crane stance!

What a good show!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iZuiko and Low Light


6mm, f/1.8, 1/15s, iso800, -0.3ev

Nothing more challenging to a compact camera than to capture children action portraits in low light. I love doing it, capturing my children's action. Previously, I could only do it with my bulky E-5 that weighs a tonne. Well, with the S90, I couldn't do much at the long end for great portraits. Well, the XZ-1 is such a joy with the top-notch i.Zuiko. Small, unobtrusive and fun.

Children can't stay put for long. They have high energy, and are super fidgety. The challenge is to get the reasonable shutter speed to capture both motion and crispness in a single frame . Well, the XZ-1 sure delivers.