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Saturday, January 10, 2009

E-30 and Fast Approaching AF

Continuing from the Panning section. Please read that before this blog.


Panning was more towards technique of following the motion, and the C-AF just needed to keep track of the changes in distance within the panning azimuth's curvature. That was not really challenging enough for the E-30 AF system.

Now what?

Simple. Just shoot direct into the path of the oncoming subject.

This driver was fast approaching, with the similar C-AF panning setting, I just tracked the number "2" emblazoned on the Go-kart. Rapid movement was captured sharply on every frame.

Hahaa!.. I forgot to mention this. This was the first time ever, I shot go-karts or any motorized contraption with this technique.

Imagine if I had done this many times, the results could be much better! In panning and fast moving shots, experience and technique is crucial.

Nevertheless, just do it!

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