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Saturday, January 10, 2009

E-30 and HIGH ANGLE Photography

Last Saturday was a totally frustrating day. It rained most of the day; whereas I had done some plans to do some "Strobist"shooting! If it was the E-3, I would just go out and shoot. But, since the E-30 was not weathersealed, and I was not willing to risk it, I had to "can the plan"!

Instead, I ended up shooting something interesting while in my brother's car. I purposely sat at the back seat; definitely for some close quarters shots.

Again, I think I was in love with the 9-18mm lens.

Put the camera up close to the car's ceiling, framed the shot downwards, propped the LCD screen towards me, turned on Live View, and VoĆ­la!

Coolness to the 3rd degree! The Grainy Film effect was just perfect too!!!

Please click on image for larger view.

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