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Saturday, January 10, 2009

E-30 and ART Filters: SOFT FOCUS

I was having a meet up with my 2 siblings, and took them for a tea break at one of the nearest "kopi tiam". After having a nice dose of "tiam" food, they started to surf on my phone looking for some cool stuff on Youtube. Their expressions said it all. Total attention with the Alfa Romeo 159 performance, I assume.

I quickly setup my gig. By whipping out the E-30 with the 14-54mk2, I saw the opportunity to do some Soft Focus images. The soft ambient light particularly from the open window, strong backlight to whitewash any potential "garbage" background, with elegant but classic furnishing completed the scene.

Ahh... this shot was also using the Free-angle Live View, if you noticed the slight high-angle shot. I was sitting in front of them, still enjoying my drink. A quick snapshot again, stealthily as possible.

With the original image, the facial details were apparent, and looks very gritty indeed. The soft focus filter can be a great tool for wedding photographers to get that "aura look" straight out of the camera.

From the E-30 website: "The soft tone creates an ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere for beautiful images with a fantasy-like feel." The subtleties were minor, but when combined in an image, they became a strong effect to the final output.

Please click on image for larger view.

Comparison between Soft Focus and normal output.

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