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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

E-30: Shooting Low and Clean

I put my camera low under the flower shrubs, with the FL-50R on the right side low. I flipped out the LCD, snapped up the on-camera flash, angled the lens sky ward, framed the shot while adjusting the LCD view... CLICK... KERRR-CHAAK!


E-30, Zuiko Digital 14-54mm
27mm, F6.3, 1/320s, ISO200, ESP Metering
Remote flash setting: RC (Ch1, Lo), A (FP TTL, -2.0), B (OFF), C (OFF)

Here is how....

One of the cute features of E-30 is the flippable screen a-la camcorders. I love it, very much!!!

It enables me to take some nice angles. Fantastic!!!!

Also, notice that all 11 nicely-spaced focus points are usable. With the help of the nifty little histogram graph on the bottom left, getting the right exposure is like having a walk in the park.

For this shot, I cradled the E-30 just above ground pointing upwards, just next on the left side of the FL-50R flash.

*Note: The tripod was not used during this shooting because it was not low enough. It was meant for demonstration of the LCD screen.

As for the flash setting, I shot at full FP TTL setting. This enabled high shutter speed up to 1/8000s for flash shooting. Cool!! (By the way, Olympus invented this capability with the OM-4Ti and F-280 flash back in the 80's).

Since the morning sun filled the top part of the flower, I only needed a single flash to illuminate the dark shadowy parts.

Everything was TTL. So easy! Boy, I love simple automation! Gone are the days of Auto or Manual mode flash.

The flower was graciously captured whithout having any of my body parts dirty and aching (definitely avoided doing some contortion stuff).

Another thing, did I tell you that the 14-54mm can focus up close to 22cm, enabling up to 1:4 magnification (if we are talking in FF terms, this is 1:2). Awesome!!!

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