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Thursday, December 17, 2009

E-P2 with the OM Zuiko 200mm F4.0

The last time I tried to use the E-P1 with this long lens turned out to be a disaster. This is simply because of the ergonomics that was totally insane for any photographer to hold and stabilize for shooting. This time around with the E-P2, it was made possible with the addition of the new electronic viewfinder, the VF-2.

The VF-2 significantly provided the stability of shooting as the eye was the third point of leverage to keep the camera steady; with the right hand holding the camera, and the left hand cradling the 200mm lens. A bit of practice, especially with a rather large focusing turn angle, the 2oomm seemed to be tamed quite easily as it still had a very smooth ring action. The operation was very tactile, and there's not much need for the eye to leave the VF-2. Don't forget to manually input the IS information via the +/- button and rotate the dial. Then again, without it the framing will be very shaky and it should be very noticeable. Somehow, the E-P2 had a maximum of 200mm stabilization, so did not actually tested with the EC-14 on it.

The lens was only in a very good condition, with a bit of mold cleaned. It may had an impact on the VF-2 resolution, but I did not really notice much degradation. To me the details were adequate for framing, with very good contrast.

The sharpness was very good, with the E-P2's 12MP delivering the details. The contrast was a bit lacking, and I was using the Normal colors default setting. Manual focusing was very good in outdoors and also in shaded areas. Only shooting indoors with lower than EV6 lighting would pose a problem. As there's no electrical contacts between the lens and E-P2, the auto manual focus assist function won't work. So, this is not really good for low light shooting.

Overall, I was very impressed with the OM 200mm F4.0 performance. It might not trump my Zuiko Digital ED35-100mm F2.0 lens, but boy, the telephoto range simply was the winner! It may not be the birders' choice, but it sure packed in some punch for discreet long range shooting!

Some images I managed to make with this lens:

A neighbor's house under renovation. It was about 70 feet away.

A condominium under construction, 20 storeys up.

The sublime bokeh.

The closest focus distance was quite good!

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