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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zuiko and a Balladeer

Other than photography, I also have passion for music. In this case, playing my Ovation Balladeer S771.

Solid spruce top with silky satin finish, rosewood fretboard, cutaway body design with 22 frets, mid-depth bowl, chrome machine heads, high-tech pre-amp; all producing a solid mellow but rich tone!

Either play it loud, or play it fast, play it rock, or play it jazz... the solid crisp tones just ooze out.

Actually, this 7 year old guitar was an accident purchase. You see, I was a student of Mr. Billy of Mahogany Bangsar for 6 months. There, I was expanding my guitar and musical forte with further studies into classical discipline and latin jazz techniques. Bossa Nova was the ultimate acid test, playing finger-bending solos, with beautiful studies of works from Bonfa and Jobim.

Upon completing my studies, I decided to get an acoustic guitar, particularly classical. This was in tune with the Bossa Nova movement that I was into right then.

After guitar and after guitar tested in the shop, especially the Ramirez line, I decided that for the money well spent, I needed and electro-acoustic. Aha! Billy quickly pushed a Martin dreadnaught! Nope, I said. Too BIG!!

Takemine, Gibson... nah! All fell short.

I wanted a mellow but rich and crisp tone! I wanted a solid wood top! I wanted fast frets action! I wanted simplicity! I wanted the electric guitar feel! I wanted low string action!

Well, Billy said, all you need is an Ovation.

Yeah right! Selecting one was a nightmare. There were multiple models.. different bowl depth, different body designs, etc., etc... I was stumped!

Then, I told him about the sound I wanted. He said, in that case, you need a satin finish. Usually they have mellowish tone. He was right!

Ovation Standard Balladeer S771. Yup! Perfect!!!!

All the images were captured using the E-3 and ED 50mm F2.0 MACRO lens.

1 comment:

Wong said...

I'd have taken a Taylor instead.