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Monday, September 13, 2010

Olympus E-5: The New Flagship

Lately, there is a strong buzz about the upcoming E-5 at Photokina. Come 15 November, Olympus will unveil its latest flagship camera to the world. It won't be Full Frame camera for sure. However, I bet it will be next level of technology Olympus like to showcase; namely by merging E-3 ruggedness, E-30 sophistication and E-P2 brilliance, not to mention an additional bag of trick or treat into the new E-5.

For me, the goodies sound nice. But will it be good enough to satisfy the hunger of my 4 brilliant Zuikos? E-30's 12MP resolution does not boast a challenge to the 14-35mm F2.0 optical prowess. Neither does the E-3's optical viewfinder to detail the 7-14mm uber wide coverage. The E-P2's 720p video won't do justice to the 35-100mm cinematic potential. Maybe the E-5 can solve the 50mm Macro focus limiter problem, though. Well, hopefully the E-5 adresses at least one of these problems. Or maybe not.

Will the E-5 boast at least 15MP? Or will it support EVF functionality?

As an insecure Olympus shooter, I am asking for things that is outside the ordinary. But what the heck! I see Olympus has the technological will to do many things, but it really lacks the commercial will. Somehow, being a small company with limited resources really dictates the do's and dont's of things. How sad!

Well, enough rambling from me for now. In just a couple of days we will know.

Hang on tight. If I am lucky, Olympus Malaysia may spare me a review unit!

Such exciting times ahead...


nazli said...

You are back. Waiting to read your new post since your last posting.

Thru-the-Zuiko said...

Yes, I am back.

Quite recently I have settled my "issues" at work, and hopefully be on the creative track once again.

It's good to be able to blog again with a peaceful mind.