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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

E-30 and Marigolds

E-30, 35mm, F3.2, 1/200s, ISO200
I was quite keen to see the level of sharpness the 12.3MP can deliver when combined with one the best optics to offer.

I was perching on a ledge of a flower bed, and by using the Live View function, it was easy to simply compose the shot. Because the E-30 has 11 twin-cross AF points, I did not have to do the old "focus and recompose" method. By the way, by doing that, my depth-of-field control will not be accurate due to parallax error. All I did was, select the AF point that nicely overlaid the main flower. Simple!

At the time, I had the Zuiko Digital ED14-35mm F2.0 attached to the E-30. Although it was quite difficult to shoot with extended arms during Live View shooting, the well-balanced lens weight ensured a comfortable hold.

Since I shot this in ORF format, I was able to extract the minutest details by setting the Noise Filter to OFF. Also, color was set to Vivid to enliven the rich marigold tones, and contrast was set to Low Key for added saturated feel. Additional Sharpness at +1, with all RAW to JPEG processing done in Olympus Studio v2.22.

The sharpness of the main flower was further amplified with a rendition of soft bokeh to the background. This zoom lens was just marvelous. The whole capture was made elegantly.

To view the image in 50% crop (2016 x 1512), just click it. (I only look at 50%. It's enough to see how good the image quality is).

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