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Saturday, January 10, 2009

E-30 and ART Filters: PALE & LIGHT COLOR

To tell you the truth, this is one filter that I was having trouble figuring out. Olympus described it as, "Utilizes muted colour tonalities to create a gentle light. The subject floats serenely in its own world, like a misty memory or the landscape of a dream." Somehow, after reading its meaning, I was more confused.

I had shot various scenes with this effect, and I struggled to get the most out of it.

Well, as a last resort, I tried to shoot some controlled environment subjects. In this case, I specifically shot a flower from a very low angle to have the blue sky as the dominant background. It was early morning, and sun was shining brightly and directly onto the flower. This had resulted in a very high contrast situation. To counter this, I had to utilize the wireless TTL flash capabilities on the E-3o. With the FL-50R nicely perched under the flower (with a diffuser to spread the flash light), the contrast was balanced. Also, since the shutter speed was much higher than 1/250s, all I did was to activate the FP TTL mode. Perfect!

Again, using the free-angle live view capability, I handheld the camera below my knees whilst directly looking at the LCD screen. The responsive AF from the 14-54mk2 ensured the subject was sharp in focus.

As could be seen, the colors were pale and muted. Almost milky. And the flowers seemed to stand out more than the original image.

Somehow, the original image looks a bit overworked.

Actually there's nothing wrong with the original image, as it was only the typical 1:1 flash lighting ratio.

Please click on image for larger view.
Comparison between Pale & Light Color with normal setting.

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