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Monday, June 15, 2009

Zuiko and the Upcoming M.Zuiko

Wow. Apparently I was wrong about the micro4/3 lens. It will carry the Zuiko name, albeit with an M. as a prefix.

This is the rumored E-P1, the first micro4/3 camera from Olympus - there are 2 micro43 cameras launched by Panasonic, the G1 and GH1.

My initial reaction was a bit of a disappointment. Mostly due to the color, and also the lens speed.

The fastest prime is only at f2.8. But, it still holds promise, as it is rumored that the pro-m43 camera for Olympus is slated for year-end release. We can keep our fingers crossed for it!

Having mentioned Panasonic, I actually held the G1 for the first time last Saturday. All I can say was praises for the Contrast Detect AF system. It was responsive although it was in EV8 lighting (brightly lit indoors). That impressed me a real lot!

I managed to mention about the 4/3-micro4/3 adapter, and the quote I got was quite steep - RM900 or something!! And the shop did not have it in stock. Need to order!!

I was eager to test the G1 with my Zuiko Digital ED14-35mm F2.0 SWD lens. Bummer!! That will put me off the micro43 system for a while, definitely.

Nevertheless, I am still hoping for the pro-spec'd micro4/3 from Olympus... It will be a great addition to my current 4/3 line.

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