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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Olympus E-P1

Well, it's official. The P in the E-P1 stands for the PEN.

Touted by Olympus not a DSLR nor a Point-&-Shoot, but a PEN, this is bold marketing.

Nonetheless, not many knows the PEN series as it was popular way back in the 60's. Olympus needs to bridge the generation gap with a bit of history with the current Gen-X and Y's.

I have to confess I have not seen it or touched it yet. But, from the writings on the wall, the E-P1 should be a great performer.

For the past nine days, Olympus Malaysia have been engaging a local radio station to build the E-P1 hype in the airwaves. Two dee-jays, Ben & Phat Fabes, have been debating about which camera is better, the "PROS" or the "COMPS". The losing dee-jay has to eat their words, and do the dares if they lost the debate!

Aptly named "The Big Camera Debate", the show has hit some high notes, especially with the dares. To make things worse, this is open to public. All the gritty details are captured and presented in a multimedia format at this Link.

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