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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Zuiko and a Happy New Year

Yes, it's 2011. A new year brings new hope.

Well, not really a good thing for me today. Coz, I am stuck in the office doing some emergency stuff.

So, while waiting for the system to settle down, I took some simple shots, and fiddle with the HDR stuff in the GIMP.

A simple two-button press to access the Exposure Bracketing mode, and set to 5 frames of 1ev steps with 5fps rapid shoot mode I am good to go. Fraap, frapp, frapp, fraappp, fraaapp.... am done!

Original Frame

High Dynamic Range Frame

Using the GIMP, I opened 3 files in layers mode, being the -2ev, 0 and +2ev exposures. With the layer masks, it was easy. Desaturate the -2ev and +2ev layers and invert the +2ev layer, and merge. A final touch of Dodge & Burn action finished the HDR job.

Well, it's not perfect though. As I didn't really take the color channel shifts and contrast loss into account in the final correction process. Maybe another time, as I am still fine-tuning my HDR techniques.

Happy New Year!!!

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