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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zuiko and Monotone Filters


Not much to do. I am sick today. Caught the flu bug, as the weather here in Klang Valley has been total haywire the last few days. Tropical sun and thunderstorm mingling interchangeably during days and nights without end. Time for some rest.

Red Filter

Good thing my E-5 is around. Nothing much to shoot, though. Thus, resorted to playing around with the E-5.

Do you know that all Olympus DSLRs allow in-camera processing of RAW files for any JPEG style you want? Yes you can!! You can do anything the camera allows, like different color profiles (Natural, Monotone, Art Filters, etc.), different image parameters (sharpness, contrast, etc.), and also different JPEG compressions and various aspect ratio crops. The possibilities are more than I can fathom, and I don't have to worry much if I don't have my PC to post-process the RAW files.

Yellow Filter

For this blog entry, I am showcasing the monotone filters. All of the JPEG files are treated with Red, Yellow and Green filters with Large SuperFine JPEG files (pretty large at 8MB, and no other manufacturer offer this JPEG quality!).

Green Filter

Well, nothing much to say as the pictures tell the story. Nevertheless, I always preferred the Red filter for brighter skin tones rather than Yellow and Green. And, with E-5 much better image quality, the noise often associated with older DSLRs like the E-3 is much controlled with the Red filter.

Time to shoot more monotones!

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