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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Olympus E-5?

Well, the picture of the purported E-5 is out in cyberspace.

It doesn't surprise me one bit for it to be very similar with the E-3. The silhouette image in my previous entry sure is the E-3 form factor.

Compare the E-3 with E-30 for ergonomics, the E-3 wins hands down for me.

But, what's more important is what it can do. From the purported specs, I can see the mashup of E-30 and E-Px technologies. There's no standout advancement feature so far, but there is rumour that the optical viewfindef will have "translucent technology" which means the LCD display can be seen on the optical prism. In fact, I am a bit sceptic about this.

Well, too much rumor mongering is not good for anybody's health. I would just wait for the official announcement tomorrow.

Now, where did I put that Olympus Malaysia business card??

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