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Monday, September 20, 2010

Zuiko and a New Compact System

It seems Olympus is coming out with another system.

From the site, there's a mockup camera that has the granular similarity with the Canon S90. I just can't believe this!!!!

If this is to be true, I am hard pressed to thinking of upgrading my S90 with the S95 in the near future.

Hmmmm... I hope more revelations appear in Photokina.

At Photokina, has reported a bit about this compact.

Click HERE to look at the sheer size of the lens, with respect to the body.

From the extended lens, I can deduce that the lens is larger than the S90. Two things are possible:
1. This is a large aperture lens throughout its range, maybe an F2.0-2.8, with a sensor size of 2/3".
2. This is a large sensor compact, maybe 4/3, with lens aperture F3.5-5.6.

Another hint from, it may be a return of the legendary C-5050 specification; thus, I can conclude that it may be a large aperture lens with 2/3" sensor.

Well, only time will tell and I really expect it to be worth the wait!!

1 comment:

KM Lim said...

this unit only available in 1st quarter of 2011...

it'll be a nice upgrade...

i'll go for LX5 and see if the Oly is interesting enuf...