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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Olympus E-5 is here

At long last, the successor for the ageing flagship has arrived.

From the initial specs, it is easy to assume that the E-5 is actually an iteration from the best of 3 Olympus cameras: the E-5, E-30 and E-P2. Let's checkout the specs:

From E-3 comes the body construction, weatherproofing and 100% viewfinder.

From E-30 comes the 3" screen, AF calibration and Live View AF.

From E-P2 comes the 720p HD video, SD card and the latest Art Filters.

Well, there are other features that are inherent in E-5 predecessors, but I only listed the obvious ones to my mind.

Topping all the current features are some things that may shed high interest.

First is the newly designed image processor, aptly named TruePic V+. I hope this processor provides better sharpness, color and noise control. The only way to know is for me the get hold of one as soon as possible. Hope Oly Malaysia is reading this blog and already reserve one unit for me. :)

Next is the new 920+k screen. This is already standard for some manufacturers and I am happy Oly is doing this for E-5. I just hope the contrast is good at strongly lit sunshines and will not drain the battery easily during Live View shooting.

Lastly the so-called I-FINISH mode that supposed to provide control to Art Filters. I am not sure what this means, but I hope this is a killer feature.

I know that my statements with regards to the E-5 are pure estimates from my experience with its predecessors, but it serves as some expected benchmark of what the E-5 can do. Hope to see more image samples, and also if lucky can review the unit soon.

Till then....

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