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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Zuiko and a Morning Walk at the Park

There is this a little part of the Shah Alam Lake Gardens that I had never ventured before. The landscaping of this particular area is so compact, that only now, after numerous visits, did I notice its existence.

It is situated just behind the Laman Refleksologi, and adjacent to a restaurant. I was just flabbergasted at its beauty, its richness of color and texture, and just simply a heaven for photography! 

I just came from my weekly chore at the Pasar Tani equipped with only the E-30 camera and 7-14mm ultra-wide angle lens. The aim was to shoot some landscape, well I hit the jackpot!

At 8am in the morning, while the sun was shining brightly at a very low angle, the challenge was to control the high contrast. Opting to get as much detail as possible, I chose low ISO with the Auto Gradation contrast correction. This setting allowed the camera JPEG engine to lift the shadow details while preserving the highlights.

E-30 with Zuiko Digital ED7-14mm F4.0
7mm, f/7.1, 1/320s, ISO200, -0.7EV

If not for the Grand Bluewave Hotel giving away its location, it is difficult to believe that this part of the gardens actually is nestled just at the edge of the lake gardens by the main road!!

A pathway.
This brick tunnel forming the structure of the overlying bridge had a nice sunlight streaking into it, forming a triangle highlight effect into its shadowy cavern. I lifted more shadow detail in post-process to brighten the overall image.

The converging lines of the bricks along with the elongation of the ultra-wide lens enhanced the impression of walking into the tunnel following the path to the left.

7mm, f/7.1, 1/180s, ISO200, -0.3EV.

Behind the waterfall.
There was a small ampitheatre like architecture towards the inner part of the garden, and this caught me by surprise. The circular and sloping contour converge at this small waferfall structure. I took the advantage of going behind the waterfall, with the sunlight providing the desired highlight to the water lines.
With a very low shutter speed, I was able to streak the flowing water, and recording it in its greatest splendor.

7mm, f/20, 1/4s, ISO100, -0.7EV.

The richness of texture in this image amazed me! The wet and slimy moss added depth to the opposing dry wall.

Morning shadows.
I just cannot pass this scene. The shadow lines were just overpowering to be ignored.

The challenge was getting the necessary shadow details. Again, I was amazed by the camera Auto Gradation.

7mm, f/11, 1/320s, ISO200, -2EV.

Restaurant by the pond.
This classic postcard-like composition capped the outing. It was just marvellous! And, it only took me less than 30 minutes to capture them all. 

E-30 with Zuiko Digital ED7-14mm F4.0
9mm, f/6.3, 1/400s, ISO200

I was just amazed at the richness of texture and color in this small enclave. I just wished I knew about it much earlier.

Keep on shooting....

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