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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Zuiko and a Fire Hydrant

While I was waiting for my wife at work, I did a short walkabout at KL Sentral.

Near Hilton, I found a fire hydrant. The location was perfect to get some shots; blurred shots effects! I sat at the railing adorning the 5-foot walkway, and shot away inconspicuously using Live View and the flippable LCD.

E-30 with Zuiko Digital ED50mm F2.0 MACRO
50mm, f/5.0, 1/13s, ISO100, Pin Hole ART Filter

I wish our Pos Laju service is as fast as depicted in this image!! Sigh....

The E-30 and Zuiko Digital 50mm F2.0 MACRO proved to be the perfect choice to have the frame just right from my vantage point. I chose the E-30 Art Filters mode and shot away; CLik! CliCk! cLIcK!

Other interesting shots of the fire hydrant...



Anonymous said...

Hi Zuiko

What a good selection of subject.Very imaginative. A poor fire hydrant actual suppose not to be there in the middle of walkway. Even it is easy to locate in case of emergency but look akwards in aesthetic point of view.

Nevertheless you made it a subject. Such a wonderful thought

Thru-the-Zuiko said...

yes, you are right. The hydrant smacks in the middle out of nowhere. because it stand out so much, might as well make it the centerpiece.