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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Zuiko and 108MP Image

Digital Zuiko lenses are sharp end-to-end, even at wide open. The consistency of exposure is excellent too, with the vignetting at corners are very minimal. These qualities enable me to do some stitching of images with high precision and accuracy.

E-30, Zuiko Digital ED50mm F2.0 Macro
44 images stitched and cropped to an approximately 3x3 frame of the 50mm coverage

With the composite of 44 images, and later cropped out about 25%, this single frame sized up to 3x3 of the 50mm coverage. In relation to the framing, it is safe to say that this is similar to the coverage of the Leica S-system format.

Using the industry-defining ED50mm F2.0 Macro lens, it is not surprising to see the results to be outstanding. The aperture is at F2.0, and the resultant depth-of-field is very narrow and shallow.

What I really want is to have the capability to get a highly sharp image with razor thin depth-of-field. The marigold flower is medium-sized, and to have up to 15 in the frame really shows the coverage of the image.

I actually created a quasi-Medium Format image similar to a sensor of 48mm by 32mm, with real resolution in excess of 100MP!!! It is not surprising, as a single image from the E-30 is a 12MP image - with 9 composites will be approximately 108MP!

Not bad for a small format system. As long as the lens is top notch, anything is possible!!!

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