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Friday, October 31, 2008

Zuiko of the Past

I started into photography back in 2002, when I got myself an OM-1 film SLR with a couple of Zuikos: 50mm F1.4 (SC) and 75-150mm F4 (SC). My passion grew with other acquisition throughout the years, namely in 2005 when I got an OM-4 with a slew of fine lenses: 28mm F3.5 (SC), 50mm F1.8 (MIJ), 135mm F2.8 (SC), 200mm F4 (SC) and 35-105mm F3.5-4.5 (MC). Among my favorite lenses were the 28mm and 35-105mm.

And I also started to experiment with Kodak Royal Gold films. Slowly, after a couple of years, I moved towards Fuji Reala 100. The reason is simple; Fuji Reala produced the most exquisite skin tones and natural colors for any consumer grade film. And now, the film can be had for RM7 per 36 exposure roll.

*** A little technical stuff, here ***
The shot of Putra Mosque was done with the OM-4 and 28mm F3.5 lens. Using the Auto mode with Off-the-film metering and Hyperfocal focusing, I only have to care on composition without having to worry about over/under-exposure or out-of-focus subjects. Using old manual camera system like the OM-system, can be very fast or even faster than modern DSLR, given a certain situation with the proper settings. The film used was the Fujifilm Reala 100 with the aperture at F11.0 deep depth-of-field. Postprocessing of the negative was done via the Canoscan 4200F scanner at 3200dpi, and converted to monotone. Additional contrast was added to accentuate the mood, and a tighter crop was needed to solely focus on the mosque.

Some shots made using various bodies and lenses.

OM-2000; 70-210mm F4.0-5.6

OM-4; 35-105mm F3.5-4.5

OM-4; 50mm F1.8

OM-4; 28mm F3.5

OM-4; 135mm F2.8

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