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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Zuiko and Futsal

About a couple of weeks back, I was asked to cover a futsal event. I never did a sports coverage, and being indoor, the challenge was doubled.

I arrived at the venue, at a fitness center in KLCC, with a very brief instruction from the organizer. "Pick a spot, and cover as much as possible." It seemed, other than myself, there were 3 other photographers at the event. I opted to move around, rather than stuck in a spot. The organizer agreed.

Basics of event coverage entailed me to capture the atmosphere.

Rather than worry about shutter speeds and wide angle lenses, I jumped into the event. "Be there, and F2.0", as I will say it. Everybody was pumped up for the tournament, although I can say 80% had hardly kicked a futsal within the year itself!!

Well, in good clean fun, the energy was electric!!!
Shooting sporting events is fun. The emotions are real. The expressions are real. Everything is real!

*** A little bit of technical stuff, here. ***
In covering the indoor event, I realized that I need to shoot wide open at F2.0 with my ED14-35mm F2.0 lens. The light was at EV8 or lower, and fast action entailed at least 1/250s shutter speed. With the mode set at S-priority, and the rest on Auto, I was set to rock-and-roll. AF setting was at AF-S with Group mode.

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