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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zuiko and Curtains


E-30 with Zuiko Digital ED14-35mm F2.0 SWD
35mm, f/2.8, 1/100s, ISO800, -0.3ev

I was lying down under the window, when I noticed the pleats of the curtains providing beautiful abstraction of light rays pounding on soft fabric. I quickly took the shot with my camera. The surrealism of the curves of light on the fabric gave an eerie effect that I thought was mesmerizing, at least.

A bit of light balancing post-process techniques that included Contrast Masking with Layer Blending mixing providing the tones and hues that I wanted.

The abstraction looks a bit frightening at a quick glance, though.


Scott (AKA Bull Rhino) said...

Very interesting abstract. It wasn't until I read your description that I was able to sort out what I was seeing. I found you blog when I saw it on someone's blog roll. I was attracted because of the word Zuiko. I also use the Olympus E-30 with the Zuiko lenses and have really enjoyed it. I've looked at several of your recent photos and can say you have a very good eye.

Thru-the-Zuiko said...

Yes, the E-30 is a real treat.

Thank you. :)