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Friday, December 26, 2008

Zuiko and a Boring Friday Afternoon

I was at the office. Nobody was around, I guess they were taking extended lunch hours. See, when the big bosses were not around, this tended to happen.

There was this plant that was placed at the window sill with the nice landscape of Bangsar! The weather was just nice with the cloud forming. It was just waiting to be photographed!

Indeed it was a boring day, no e-mails, no phone calls..... I was in the brink of ZZZ-dom!!

Oh ya, during lunch, I managed to get myself a new Circular Polarizor for my 77mm threaded-lens. Being curious with the polarizor, and also nobody seemed to be in office, I quickly setup the shot.

Attaching the polarizor on the 14-35mm F2.0 SWD lens, with the FL-50R in RC-mode at the right side facing the white wall and bounced, an instant studio was created!

After many, many snaps, I was not happy with the shots. This in particular was due to the glass reflection. I have changed angle, changed flash output, shifted the polarizor; but nothing seemed to work. I sort of gave up, until I got this shot. Although there was still some residual reflection, it was minimal. I was somewhat glad with it. And it was the last shot!

This was the first shot, to gauge the ambient light with the background scene... it definitely very melancholic. The window frame added dimension to a somewhat sombre composition.

In order to save the shadows due to strong background light, I used the Shadow Adjustment Technology feature in the E-3 to extract the detail in the plant's leaves.
Without it, the whole foreground will just be a silhoutte.

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