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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zuiko and the Sony Experia X10

For the past few weeks, I was busy with a new toy. Regrettably, I was left with little or no time to spend time with my Zuikos or even the nimble Canon S90. The Sony Experia X10, equipped with Android Donut 1.6, loaded with applications and features, was my focus of attention.

One of the nifty applications is the Retro Cam. I downloaded it last week, and got a good time playing with its 4 different camera effects. With the ability to hook the pictures directly with Facebook and Flickr makes my usage of this little contraption ever more worthwhile. The X10's 8MP sensor, with the right photographic situation, delivers enough resolution to rival the Canon S90.

Let's look at what the Retro Cam can do...

Effect with Xolaroid 2000 camera
High X-processing, blue/green cast, high contrast, glossy instant frame

Effect with pinhOle camera
Low saturation, multi-color swirl, medium-high contrast, full-bleed film

Effect with Little Orange Box camera
High X-processing, red/purple cast, high contrast, square damaged frame

Effect with The Barbl camera
Low saturation, red/purple cast, high contrast, square damaged frame

Well, the SE X10 won't be able to match the S90 overall output quality, or so much to challenge the Zuikos top notch optical performance. Nevertheless, the complete package offered by this smartphone is more than enough to not let me spend some time with other cameras. Nothing beats the instant capabilities to upload the pictures to Facebook and Flickr via high speed HSPA connection!

No worries, I will continue blogging away with regards to my Zuikos; but this new toy is so time absorbing!!

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