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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zuiko and Kids at Night

Shooting at night is already a challenge. Shooting kids moving frantically during the night, is even more challenging!!

E-30 with Zuiko Digital ED14-35mm F2.0 SWD + FL-50R
14mm, f/4.0, 1/60s, ISO800

Thankfully, the E-30 with the Zuiko Digital ED14-35mm F2.0 SWD and FL-50R proved to be a match for that situation.

I used a very casual technique. Knowing that the 14mm and f/4 provides ample angle of coverage and deep depth-of-field, I can candidly shoot freestyle without looking at the viewfinder nor the LCD. Just scope the shot from waist level, and snap. Rapid 5 frames-per-second provided additional assurance for some shots. The rapid SWD AF with 5-point diamond pattern on the E-30 was very responsive indeed. If not, how could I capture these shots at their most revealing moments!!

Children move fast. Don't wait for them. Just snap in their environment and perspective. A fast system is an added advantage to cope with their 'slippery' movements!

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