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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zuiko and "A wind blows" Challenge

Lately, I have been entering my images, either from my database in or by making new shots, into the dpReview Challenges.

E-30, Zuiko Digital ED7-14mm F4.0
7mm, F/10, 1/100s, ISO200

In Challenge #11, A Wind Blows, I was tasked to capture an image that "show how winds effects nature, people or animals and how it can have both a gentle caress and be an unstoppable force."

I was walking in the Shah Alam Lake Gardens on Sunday morning after shopping at Pasar Tani, aka Farmer's Market. The sight of these tall trees struck me. The tallest tree bent with the wind blow. With the ultra-wide angle zoom lens, I was able to capture the converging perspective of the towering trees, with the flopped one being the centerpiece!

The early morning sun brought added depth to the shadows and highlights, with the light and dark intertwined majestically bring out the glow in the shot. The strong blue sky prodded in fresh perspective, too. Not too shabby, I would say.

And much to my delight, the dpreview forum crowd also appreciated my effort, and this image got 30th place out of 313 entries.

Not a bad effort, I would say!

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