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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zuiko 7-14mm F4.0, An Ultrawide Zoom

E-30 with Zuiko Digital ED7-14mm F4.0
7mm, F/16, 1/25s, ISO100

When Olympus announced the Zuiko Digital ED7-14mm F4.0 lens back in September 2004, it was the widest ultra-wide zoom in the market. This was a strong selling point for quite a while until Nikon released the Nikkor 14-24mm lens in Fall 2007.

This is lens is meant to be a pro lens. Typical of an award-winning lens, the optical quality is superb, with strong control in barrel distortion and chromatic abberrations that are synonimous with this type of lens. Sharpness is superb across the frame, too!

The wide vista, with a 114-degree angle-of-view, allows for creative photography in confined spaces which are suitable for architecture. The superb rectilinear performance further enhances its pedigree for reliable and accurate rendition of the scene.

This lens is just simply superb!

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