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Friday, November 7, 2008

Zuiko Wide Open into the Sun

There was this pot that perched on the window sill of the Level 17 Breakout area. Although it was the typical PVC pot that you could find in your local Giant, Tesco or Carrefour outlets, what struck me was the rattan weaving pattern. With the small leafy plant, and bright sunlight coming through the window, I saw a beautiful compositional shot.

The bright sun, blue sky, shadow details, backlit leaves, and a single flare. To me this image was quite melancholic, with a touch of hope. It felt silent, yet loud. The thin depth-of-field adds a surreal aura to the background, whilst maintaining the whole pot in focus. The added vigneting through editing in completed the mood of the image.

The details of the rattan weaves could be clearly seen, although the sunlight at the background should have rendered it totally black. The ability of the Zuiko ED14-35mm F2.0 SWD lens to minimize flare and E-3 Shadow Adjustment Technology made it possible. Simply, the combination was able to cope with such a demanding image parameters. I could have used the fill-flash method to capture the details, but it would have killed the impact that I was looking for!

This is the same composition, but I used the monotone touch to represent the shot in a different manner.

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