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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

iZuiko and a View Out of the Window


Take a peek outside... the window.

There's nothing much to see actually from my room. Just the neighbor's house, a mirror view of my own house!

That's the typical view of a Malaysian suburban house, terrace mostly.

XZ-1, 6mm, f/4, 1/800s, ISO100, Grainy Film Art Filter

And would you believe if I say that my house has appreciated in value from a mere RM330,000 to RM650,000 in just less than 5 years? Well, such is the bloated price for houses in Klang Valley has become, it makes most people cringe! That's the reality. Whilst other price of goods have steadily risen in double digits annually for the past couple of years, the price of land and property is much more staggering.

To survive in Klang Valley now takes more than just a good paying job, a middle-income earner needs to have strong financial support from other sources, if he/she yearns for a house! To think that the starting salary for most jobs has not changed much for the past 15 years says a lot too. When I started work back in '96, I was paid RM2,600 a month. Guess what? A fresh grad is getting the same amount now, in '11!

Take a peek through the window...

The harsh reality for the next 15 years? I wouldn't know, but I think it will get harder every time!

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