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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zuiko and Fruit Fest

14mm, f/3.2, 1/800s, ISO200
The majestic durians in abundance

Recently, my company hosted a Fruit Fest for all staff and family members. Local fruits were abundant, ranging from durians, mangosteens rambutans, langsats, longans, bananas, local fruit ice creams, and topped with fresh coconut drinks.

The durians were of the D24 variants, with luscious thick yellow meat and sweet tart taste. The smell, oh yeah, the most deplored smell in the aviation and hospitality industries was fully savored. What is a durian without the trademark pungent smell?

Kids enjoying the fruits.

And, when there's durians, the mangosteens were there too. Such a royal couple! It is the perfect fruit to counter the repulsive nature of the durians. Sweet and refreshing, rich with antioxidants, the mangosteens we had were not really sweet, rather bland sourish. I bet it was plucked semi-ripe, as the skin was not dark purple and not watery when it was broken open. At least there were no purple stains on the shirts.

Well, the other fruits were just sidelines to the King and Queens of fruits! I won't dwell much to write about them...

Then again, it was a mystery why there were no mangoes, jackfruits and chikus. Ah well...

Local fruit ice-cream, the kids got the durian and chempedak flavors.

My family really enjoyed the nature's bounty, and a great occasion to spend quality family time.

Playing with Slow Sync Flash


7.5mm (35mm equiv.), f/8.0, 1/5s, ISO500
Slow sync Flash, +2ev

One guy told me that his brother knew a little trick to make the portrait shot has a spinning background. He didn't know how his brother did it, but I told him that I can guess the technique.

Quickly I whipped out my S90, and made the shot. Well, to make a perfect shot, more samples must be taken. This was just made with one shot!!

He was impressed, and told that's exactly what he say his brother did.